(VELINO) Roma, 30 Sep - "Italian Architects and Engineers in Colombia" is the ti...

(VELINO) Roma, 30 Sep - "Italian Architects and Engineers in Colombia" is the title of an exhibition sponsored by the Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Bogota recently opened in Ibague'. The exhibition will run until 23 October. The aim of the exhibition is to give an overview of the contributions of Italian architects and engineers: Battista Antonelli, the Jesuit priest Giovan Battista Coluccini from Lucca, Serafin Barbetti, Florentine architect Pietro Cantini, Gaetano Lignarolo in the city of Cali, and of Giovanni Buscaglione in several other Colombian cities and, more recently, of engineers such as Victor Morgante, Gaetano di Terlizzi, Bruno Violi, Angiolo Mazzoni Del Grande from Bologna and Domenico Parma. A historical review closes the exhibition with the aim of taking stock of the considerable contribution of Italian culture in Colombia from the 16th to the end of the 20th century. The contents of the exhibition are drawn from the book by the same title "Ingenieros y arquitectos italianos en Colombia", edited by Rube'n Hernandez Molina and Olimpia Niglio with the contribution of Colombian researchers. The exhibition is dedicated to the young generation of Colombian architects and engineers who, by learning from the history of the Country's architecture, will acquire basic knowledge to appreciate and upgrade their cultural heritage, strengthen their identity and, above all, contribute to their Country's development with a greater awareness of the past, which is essential in order to build the future. The exhibition has already been displayed in Tenjo and Bogota', where it will be on show again at the Italian Cultural Institute from 25 October to 4 November. vel