(VELINO) Roma, 26 Aug - The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Dublin, Ireland,...

(VELINO) Roma, 26 Aug - The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Dublin, Ireland, will host "Close Encounters with Italian Science Fiction", featuring Professor Roberto Bertoni of Trinity College Dublin and journalist, writer and publisher Concetto La Malfa. The event will take place at the IIC on Thursday, 1st September from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. The audience will be taken on a journey through Italian sci-fi, from Italo Calvino to Primo Levi and Stefano Benni, traversing fantastical planets, utopian and dystopian worlds, the Moon and the Sun, nature and human technology. Professor Bertoni will explore the works of various Italian authors with readings in Italian and English. During the evening, Concetto La Malfa will present his latest novel "Apocalypse Tomorrow", an exciting tale told through the perspective of the main character, a retired astrophysicist who dies in 2050. Speaking from the afterlife, he gives his posthumous account of a series of calamities - some of them extraterrestrial and others attributable to all of humanity - prophesying what might happen on our planet in the next 35 years, including an encounter with an alien civilisation. vel