(VELINO) Roma, 2 May - The Italian Cultural Institute (ICC) in Santiago del Chil...

(VELINO) Roma, 2 May - The Italian Cultural Institute (ICC) in Santiago del Chile will hold an exhibition by David Scognamiglio, entitled 'Pluvium', from 9 May to 21 June. It involves light and water, which will give the halls of the IIC a completely new dimension. The exhibition is between mysticism and minimalism, including matter and metaphors, from the particular to the universal. The show, curated by art critic Juan Jose Santos, has been named 'Pluvium' to evoke the lights and reflections inside raindrops which will replicate the vision of the surrounding world as in a 3D projection. Scognamiglio's work has been defined as a creation of symbolic and experiential spaces passing through light, yet subtracting the connotations which are usually related to progress and technology. They underline, instead, basic and mystic features. The functions of light are like a composite element determining space and perception. The project will transform the exhibition halls of the Italian Cultural Institute by means of water and light. A site-specific installation has been purposely set up in order to enable visitors to dive into a different habitat and live a visual and sensory experience. vel