(VELINO) Roma, 14 Jul - Pino Ninfa's photography exhibition "Como um conto chama...

(VELINO) Roma, 14 Jul - Pino Ninfa's photography exhibition "Como um conto chamado Jazz" will open today and run until 20 August. The show, which was organised by the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Sao Paulo, Brazil, comprises a selection of images of jazz festivals taken in Italy and abroad over the last 30 years. The artistic research draws inspiration from jazz to showcase images disclosing the emotions, visions and particular points of view that have shaped Ninfa's style over the years. His idea was to transmit to the public what happens in the world of music, on stage and behind it. That is where the artist actually becomes himself, more than in his everyday life. Ninfa was born in Catania, which he left when he was 17 years old to go to Milan. He develops entertainment- and reporting-based projects across Italy and abroad. His interest for music and social phenomena have shaped the essence of his photographic work. He is a member of the P.I.M. (Poetry-Image-Music) Association which organises and disseminates exhibitions and workshops on music event photography. vel