(VELINO) Roma, 2 Aug - The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Sao Paulo, Brazil...

(VELINO) Roma, 2 Aug - The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Sao Paulo, Brazil, will host the photography exhibition "Quasi Altrove" (Almost Elsewhere) by Angelo Marinelli from August 2 to September 2. The event was promoted and organised by the IIC. The exhibition features a collection of images depicting a city suddenly almost entirely abandoned, forlorn to the few remaining inhabitants; a shell of a metropolis that is slowly transformed over time, almost reflecting the need of its citizens to return to the natural and simple state of rural lifestyle. "Quasi Altrove" is meant to represent the Rome of the future, ultimately deserted, where monuments and architectural landmarks turn back to being stone, cement, and dust, void of any historical or stylistic significance. Marinelli was born in Monteiasi, near Taranto. After studying engineering, he moved to Rome in 2004 and graduated in industrial design. He inherited his father's passion for photography and began learning the art on his own when he was only a child. During the early 2000s, in addition to continuing his studies, Angelo worked as graphic designer and commercial photographer, honing his lighting and post-production techniques. Journeys, situations, and colours fuel his creativity and give his work a peculiar social edge and an almost anthropological perspective. vel