(VELINO) Roma, 14 Sep - A cooling centre for agricultural products was opened in...

(VELINO) Roma, 14 Sep - A cooling centre for agricultural products was opened in Derventa, in southern Bosnia, through the post-flood aid and reconstruction project financed by the Italian Development Cooperation Agency (AICS). The centre's thermal insulation was improved, and it was fitted with panels and other equipment needed for cold storage. The initiative follows the building in recent months of a canal to protect the city's industrial area from flooding, not only for reconstruction purposes but also to prevent future disasters. Alongside Orasje, Maglaj, Srebrenica, Sanski Most, Zvornik and Zavidovici, Derventa is one of the seven municipalities in which the AICS is implementing its 1 million euro post-flood rebuilding project to aid farmers, breeders, and small and medium enterprises. "As of today, Derventa's farmers have access to a building equipped for the storage and preservation of fruits and vegetables," affirmed Italy's Ambassador in Sarajevo, Ruggero Corrias. "The cooling centre, fruit of the joint effort of the AICS and the municipality of Derventa, will strengthen the local producers' position on the market, contributing to the economic recovery of an area severely damaged by the floods two years ago." vel