(VELINO) Roma, 10 Jun - Italian citizens in the Argentine city of Bahia Blanca h...

(VELINO) Roma, 10 Jun - Italian citizens in the Argentine city of Bahia Blanca have met doctors and administrators at the city's Italian Hospital, "Hospital Italiano Regional del Sur". The meeting aimed to deepen expertise in the areas of health and social assistance given to Italians living in the consular district and to identify possible further actions and forms of cooperation for the benefit of the most vulnerable sectors of the population. The hospital's doctors and administrators welcomed the delegation of Doctor Mario Borghese, accompanied by Italian Consul General in the city Marco Nobili, CGIE (General Council for Italians Abroad) Councillor Juan Carlos Paglialunga and the President of the representative body of the local Italian community, Comites Bahia Blanca", Cesar Puliafito. The discussions included an analysis of the teaching and research activities performed by the "Hospital Italiano Regional del Sur", a member of the alliance of the Italian hospitals worldwide and regional centre of excellence in healthcare. The meeting also identified a number of partnerships with Italian health institutions and universities, which will be launched in the next few months to further improve the range of services offered. vel