(VELINO) Roma, 15 Sep - Argentina is about to play host once again to "Jornadas ...

(VELINO) Roma, 15 Sep - Argentina is about to play host once again to "Jornadas de Ingenieria Estructural" (Structural Engineering Days), an event which the Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Buenos Aires consider of high cultural relevance and value. The 24th edition of the "Jornadas" (28-30 September) will have a special focus on the famous Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi, entailing a series of talks and an important exhibition, "Pier Luigi Nervi - Arte y Ciencia de la Construccion". The exhibition, organised with the IIC's support, has already travelled to several cities in the world and features some of Nervi's most famous projects, many of which can be admired in Argentina. It is a tribute to the life and works of one the most acclaimed and inventive structural engineers of the 20th century. This traveling exhibition was first set up in 2010 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Nervi's death while acknowledging his role in sparking a golden age of structural engineering. It is the result of multidisciplinary research conducted by a large team of scholars with a view to shine a light on the immense legacy left by Nervi, whose masterpieces can be found around the world. As a result, the event in Buenos Aires will feature 14 of his most iconic and internationally recognised projects, in order to give visitors a comprehensive overview of his genius and inventiveness. vel