(VELINO) Roma, 7 Oct - Buenos Aires will host a charity event, "Aiutare mi aiuta...

(VELINO) Roma, 7 Oct - Buenos Aires will host a charity event, "Aiutare mi aiuta" at the Coliseo Theatre on 17 October to help the people affected by the 24 August earhquake which rocked central Italy. The theme for the evening will be "Focusing", a technique developed by the famous US philosopher and psychologist, Eugene Gendlin, to give relief and greater well-being to those who practice it. The initiative is sponsored by the Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute ( IIC) in Buenos Aires with the support of the city of Buenos Aires and numerous private businesses. A presentation of individual and corporate cases related to the "Focusing" technique will show that: "Our body possesses the knowledge and tools necessary to overcome situations we may encounter in our lives." We have deeper wells of knowledge within ourselves, it is only a matter of learning to recognize, listen to and implement them. Once learnt, "Focusing" becomes an integral part of our lives. The event will feature lectures by Adrian Laplacette, president of CentraLab S.p.A., who will discuss about applying the Focusing technique in a corporate environment, and Monica Perez Iturraspe, a "Focusing" certified coordinator, who will talk about "Body, language and situations". Tete Brandam of D´┐ŻAlbora will draw the conclusions. vel