Will Light Up With the Pink Ribbon of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

1 October

On Thursday October 1 at 20:00, the 23rd edition of the Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign will begin, an initiative designed to prevent breast cancer. To mark the occasion, the Tree of Life will be lit up in pink and personalized with the image of the Pink Ribbon. A striking moment designed to convey the message of hope that in the future the world will be free of breast cancer. The Italian Pavilion, which from the very beginning has focused on women as the protagonists of discussions on the themes of Expo Milano 2015 with "ME and WE - Women for Expo", the space set aside for women, as the driving force behind growth and change, is supporting the Pink Ribbon campaign against breast cancer.

Airc will be a partner for the first time

The campaign, created in 1992 by Evelyn H. Lauder who launched the Pink Ribbon initiative - has now become a universal symbol of women's health. For the first time, this year, Este'e Lauder Companies is partnering Airc-Italian Cancer Research Association in Italy. To date, the BCA campaign, which is active in over 70 Countries, has raised over 55 million dollars in support of global research, education and medical services.

"The progress made in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tumors in women, which AIRC, alongside others, has been striving, to achieve over the last 50 years, has indeed brought the survival rate at five years from diagnosis of a breast tumor to 87 percent - explains Niccolo' Contucci, General Director of AIRC -. But this is not enough: we must succeed in covering that last section of the road that separates us from the 100 percent mark".

Antonella Clerici chosen as the face of the event

Antonella Clerici, who is also an Ambassador of Expo Milano 2015, has been chosen as the face of the initiative responsible for promoting it to the general public. The message she has launched urges all women to actively participate in this challenge: "I have been an ambassador of the Italian Cancer Research Association for many years and I know only too well how important research and prevention are in the battle to defeat cancer. I want to remind all women that every little helps and that each of us must do our best to beat breast cancer. It is essential that all women regularly undergo the recommended examinations and screening, because early diagnosis is fundamental and in some cases can even be life-saving".