Wednesday, June 24 Slovakia Celebrates its National Day at Expo Milano

24 June

Wednesday, June 24 the National Day of Slovakia will be held at Expo Milano 2015 at the country's charming pavilion located in the eastern part of the Decumano, its design evoking its theme of participation, "The world into the pocket". The country wants to convey to visitors the wealth of treasures that this European country offers in terms of nature, history, architecture, sports and gastronomic culture, with a variety of offerings that have something for everyone's tastes, including visitors with the most demanding palates.

The dance troupe, Folklor Symphony, will close the festivities with an amazing show

Throughout the day, Expo Milano 2015 has planned events and performances that celebrate Slovakia and its people. The festivities will begin at 10:30 at the Media Center, where the flag raising ceremony will take place in the presence of President of the Republic, Andrey Kiska. Later, the delegation will walk down the Decumano to the Slovak pavilion where it will officially start the National Day. At 13:30 the Slovak team captain of Naples' soccer team, Marek Hamsik , will be on hand to sign autographs for visitors. The day will close in style at 18:30 with the folklore show created for Expo Milano 2015 by the dance troupe Folklor Symphony, famous throughout the world, which will perform at the Auditorium with a breathtaking show of 80 minutes with 40 dancers, 60 singers and as many as 70 members of the orchestra.

Slovakia. The green lung that gives oxygen to Europe

Slovakia offers nature lovers National Parks, reserves, thermal baths and ski resorts along with medieval castles and picturesque towns to visit, some of which have been named Unesco World Heritage sites. For food lovers, this country is renowned for its many delicacies prepared with varied local fresh ingredients. Among  these is  the delicious national dish of the country, the bryndzove' halušky that consists of tasty potato gnocchi served with small squares of fried bacon and mixed with a sheep's milk ricotta.