Vanuatu Opens its Doors to the World at Expo Milano 2015

1 October

On October 1 Vanuatu celebrates its National Day. To mark the event, the archipelago in the Pacific Ocean has devised a rich program full of tradition and culture. The official ceremony will start at 10:00 with a performance by Monument Singers, one of the top representatives of traditional Melanesian music. After this, the folk group Futuna Fatuana will welcome the arrival of the delegation at the Open Plaza (Expo Center) with the typical "Haka" dance. At this point, the Ni-Vanuatu and Italian national anthems will be sung and the official speeches delivered, before the celebrations continue in the form of a parade as far as the Spices Cluster where the Vanuatu Pavilion is located.

Dances and songs that tell stories, also over the next few days

The artists performing in the morning will give repeat performances for visitors at 12:00 and at 16:00 on the stage of the Cluster, In particular, Futuna Fatuana are famous for their dances and music, which have been handed down from generation to generation, and which they perform wearing the traditional dress of the island. Their dances and songs describe tribal war and fishing, the harvest and religion. Monument Singers and Futuna Fatuana will also perform in shows featuring dancing and music over the next few days, from the October 2 to 9, on the stage of the Spices Cluster.

Happy, despite its dangerous location

Vanuatu is participating in Expo Milano 2015 inside the Spices Cluster to showcase and share the happiness that characterizes its citizens. They have twice been defined as the happiest population on Earth for their simple and sustainable lifestyle, once by the Happy Planet Index (2006) and then in 2010 by the Lonely Planet. Unfortunately, its geography also makes Vanuatu one of the countries most at risk of rising sea-levels caused by global warming. For this reason, the Expo experience aims to make visitors aware of the fact that the archipelago needs help to protect its traditions, lifestyle, history and future. It is no coincidence that the concept chosen is "Go Organic for a Better Life". A slogan, but most of all a belief that the people of Vanuatu put into practice day after day to improve food security and create a favorable environment for economic development.