Thursday June 18th is the National Day of Germany

18 June

The National Day of Germany will be celebrated at Expo Milano 2015 on Thursday June 18th. Official ceremonies attended by important public authorities, interactive contents during the visit and a special jazz concert featuring a pianist.

The National Day and additional events designed by Expo Milano 2015

On the Day dedicated to Germany the German Pavilion turns into a pole of attraction inside Expo Milano 2015 and offers a coloured cultural programme featuring German artists. Iris Gleicke, Undersecretary of State at the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, will attend the official ceremony. On the German National Day, the visitors of the Germany Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 will have the pleasure to enjoy a special concert by the German jazz singer Roger Cicero: exclusively for this occasion, Roger Cicero will perform his major hits in German language of the latest years accompanied by the pianist Maik Schott.

Visit the German Pavilion: "Fields of Ideas. Be active"

The path inside the German Pavilion is a journey crossing water, land, the mysteries of climate up to biodiversity and cutting-edge researches on nutrition and agriculture in the future. The final show is in the Garden of Ideas, with a funny collective music and light event. Technology is key in the German Pavilion with original communication systems and the absolute innovation offered by the Seed Board where visitors can discover themes and contents in different formats in a much-customized way. The mysterious tablet provided at the entrance proves to be an original “Field of Ideas” where children and adults can enjoy multimedia contents and surf didactic films.

The Germany Pavilion will close on Thursday June 18th starting from 3pm. Visits will start again on the following day.