September 29: the National Day of Chile with a concert of Inti-Illimani Historico

29 September

On Tuesday, September 29, Expo Milano 2015 will host the National Day of Chile. The center of the festivities, is the Open Theater San Carlo, where there will be a free concert by the legendary Chilean group Inti-Illimani Historico at 20.00.



The official ceremony will take place at 10:30 at the Expo Centre. After the flag-raising ceremony and speeches, the celebrations will start on the Decumano, with a parade of the delegation of the Carabinieri of Chile. The highlight of the day will be at 20:00 with the free concert of the Chilean group Inti-Illimani Histo'rico at the Open Theater San Carlo. The concert is dedicated to the victims of the recent earthquake in Chile. The press conference recalled an act of solidarity and part of the long tradition of support between Italians and Chileans dates back to when Italy welcomed the refugees from the Pinochet dictatorship. "Returning to celebrate our Country, today in a democracy, is a very different feeling than what we felt during our exile - said Horacio Salinas, leader of the group to Exponet -. Our presence is also an homage to the music of Latin America. It will be a celebration of the commitment so that the music of the people is played in a context of democracy expanding more and more.


A country rich in landscapes and biodiversity

In a long and narrow territory, Chile combines biodiversity and a great natural and cultural heritage. Among its main tourist sights, is the Atacama Desert in the north of the country, home to the largest astronomical observatory in the world (Alma). From here, it is possible to enjoy the clearest view of the celestial skies than from any other place in the world as there are almost no clouds. Among the main attractions of Chile, there is also Easter Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.

The central area of ??the country is dominated by lakes and volcanoes and then we cannot forget Patagonia, that has the highest concentration of thermal waters of South America, with over 270 hot springs. Here is  where the Torres del Paine National Park, a World Biosphere Reserve is found. This is also the area of ??the great number glaciers, 1,750 in all and covering up 3 percent of Chile's surface.


Visit to Chile Pavilion

The Chile Pavilion is entirely made with the pine of Monterey, one of the qualities most exported from the country. The entrance is a kind of cave, along which the visitor is accompanied by the words of the Chilean poet Raul Zurita, author of the poem El amor de Chile (that by no coincidence is the theme chosen for the participation of Chile in the Expo Milano 2015). However, the sound accompanying the visitors is that of breaking salt and this sound can be heard in the Salar de Domeico (the great salt desert of the Atacama region), when the temperature changes.
Upstairs a video is projected on panels showing the pear harvest, farms and livestock, fishing, and the preparation of the characteristic curanto. In the next room, thanks to an exciting 3D 4k projection, visitors can view the natural diversity of the Country.