Protagonists of Sustainable Development, Events Dedicated to Women

Since the launch of the post-2015 Agenda, the Directorate General for Development Cooperation has elaborated and approved a perspective which recognizes women in general as active protagonists in sustainable development and is pushing for specific tools and strategies to implement this vision. The meetings taking place in Expo Milano 2015 on May 28 and 29 are part of this ongoing discussion about ways of placing women at the center of the process for creating a Better Planet.

Women who count: experiences and challenges for the new Agenda for Development

Thursday May 28 at 14:30 marks the start of a discussion encounter on the subject of “Women’s experience in Sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Senegal”. The encounter will be moderated by the journalist Sara Gandolfi. Among the speakers, Ousmane Ka, Director General of the Senegal Ministry of Women and the Family, Giuliana Serra, expert on the PIDES Dakar program, Tinde Ndoye, President of the Network of Rural Women, Aïssatou Dème, President of the GIE of Women Producers of Guiguineo, Nicole Gakou, President of the Senegal Businesswomen’s Union, Maïmouna Ndao, President of “Mutuelle TERANGA” of Kaolack – APROFES.

At 15:30 there will be a screening of a documentary film on the PIDES Program, which will be followed by a round table discussion on the subject “Shared challenges for a shared earth”. At 16:45 Paola Testori Coggi, member of the WE-Women for Expo international board, will speak. WE is a network of internationally relevant women actively pursuing the promotion of a very direct message: the need to draw the world’s attention to the subject of food wasting, and of wasted resources in general. The day’s session will be completed by conclusive reflections, featuring Giampaolo Cantini, General Director of Development Cooperation, Mariama Sarr, Senegal’s Minister for Women and the Family and Roman Tesfaye, First Lady of Ethiopia.

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Measuring the empowerment of women in rural areas

The first session of May 29 will start at 10:30 and will feature a discussion event moderated by Claudia Sorlini, President of Expo Milano 2015’s Scientific Committee. The theme discussed will be “Why and How to measure women’s empowerment. Comparing and harmonizing different data gathering systems”. Speakers will include Clare Bishop-Sambrook, IFAD Senior Technical Advisor – Gender, empowerment and social inclusion, and Paola Cirillo, Vice President of AIDOS. After a debate from 11:30 to 12:00, the second session will begin, under the title “How to use women’s empowerment indicators. Good practices and key problems in partner nations”.

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(Photo: Stuart Franklin, Photographer with Magnum Photos, for Italian Cooperation in Senegal)