On September 16 Mexico Celebrates its National Day at Expo Milano 2015

16 September

Mexico celebrates its National Day at Expo Milano 2015 on Wednesday September 16: the day will start at 11:00 with the official ceremony and speeches by leading institutional figures. The ceremony will be followed by a ballet performance from Yucata'n and a parade from the Media Center to the Mexico Pavilion. The day's activities will focus on sharing the country's traditions: indeed the National Day will provide an occasion for sharing knowledge, and the cultures and flavors of the Mexican land.

Mexico in Expo Milano 2015: the seed of a new world

The Mexico Pavilion is inspired by the idea of a corn cob that grows from a weave of dried corn leaves: the country offers visitors an ideal journey into corn, the symbol par excellence of the Mexican food culture and a staple of the population's diet.

The cultural roots of the country are inseparable from the richness of its tradition and its nature: its marvelous archaeological sites are an enchanting reminder of the most important pre-Colombian civilizations, the Maya ruins and the Aztec temples, which offer the opportunity to take a trip through memory. But Mexico is no longer only archaeology and lush landscapes: for a decade now, its deep-rooted history has enabled it to look towards the future and it has taken important steps forward in the field of industry (automotive, aeronautics, biomedical) and in technology (IT, nanotechnologies, alternative energies).