On Monday October 19, Albania Celebrates its National Day

19 October

On Monday, October 19 Albania celebrates its National Day at Expo Milano 2015: a chance to learn about the traditions,  history and culture of this country. The day opens at the Open  Plaza with the official ceremony attended by the Italian and Albanian authorities. Afterwards visitors can discover the country  and its customs at its Pavilion located in the  Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster.

Albania offers visitors a unique opportunity to get to know and  experience its natural beauty and its cuisine, as well as learn  about the effectiveness and creativity of its regions, its history  and its local products. Due to its geographical position and mild  climate, Albanian cuisine is a fusion of various influences arriving  from the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Europe. Highly nutritious and rich in unique flavors, the cuisine of this ancient  land is as rich and varied as its history.

Albania. Between yesterday and tomorrow, with boldness

The gastronomic traditions of this land reflect the richness and  variety of its history, influenced by Greek and Turkish cooking  and recognizable by the presence of simple ingredients with a  bold flavor. For anyone curious to explore it, Albania offers itself  generously to visitors, revealing fine mountain landscapes, hilly areas, lakes, woodlands, fields of olive trees, crystalline sea and Mediterranean vegetation. Dominated by Illyrians, Romans and  Greeks, this land his always fought to defend its freedom and its  traditions.

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