Local production and land grabbing: the Slow Food Pav. from 1st to 7th June

1 June

The Slow Food Pavilion's program of events for the week from Monday1 to Sunday 7 June will be exceptionally rich and varied. On top of the usual regular events, on Monday June 1 at 16.30 a Slow Wine workshop on professional wine tasting will take place, with Valerio Sisti - national councilor of Fisar, the Italian sommelier federation - explaining the correct procedures. Tuesday June 2 will feature an encounter on protecting biodiversity in the kitchen, at 16.30: Roberto and Alessandra Casamenti, two cooks from the Slow Food Alliance, will explain how the choice of ingredients can help save livestock breeds and endangered crop species. Wednesday June 3 will be dedicated to music and its relationship with the land, with a meeting at 15.00 in Piazza della Biodiversita' devoted to Giuseppe Verdi, whose creative genius was inseparably rooted in the landscape of the Parma area which he loved so much. In the evening, from 19.00 to 22.00, an aperitif and DJ set with the #Expottimisti, featuring music selected by "Decanter", the long-running RaiRadio2 transmission.


The Gypsy table

Food feeds group identity. On Sunday June 7 at 15.00, the Slow Food Pavilion will host an analysis of eating habits in the Roma and Sinti communities in Italy, where the table is a place of bonding, teaching and learning. Francesca Grazioli - Economy and Social Sciences graduate and Master in Human Ecology and Sustainability from the University of Gastronomic Sciences at Pollenzo - will present the results of the research project on which her degree thesis was based.


The Slow Food Pavilion

Built entirely in wood, with its recognizable red snail logo visible on the outside, the Slow Food Pavilion greets visitors to the Expo site near the East - Roserio Entrance, and at the far end of the Decumano from the rail and metro station Rho Fiera Milano Expo. The space is made up of three welcoming rectangular buildings forming a triangle, one containing a theater for encounters, talks and cultural events, one an exhibition area focused on Biodiversity issues and one a zone devoted to tasting events, particularly those concerning agricultural products and dishes protected by Slow Food Presidia. The open air space at the center of the triangle is Piazza Biodiversity, an oasis of peace where visitors can pause and rest among the perfumes of the many rare vegetable and herbal varieties growing there.