Lella Costa is Reading "Babette's Feast" for the "Women's Weeks"

1 July

As part of the Women's Weeks, there is a special show running on July 1 at 21:00 at the Cascina Triulza Auditorium inside Expo Milano 2015: Lella Costa,  Expo Milano 2015 Ambassador and spokesperson for WE-Women for Expo, will be reading Karen Blixen's short story "Babette's Feast". The story invites reflection on how necessary it is to share, proving the fact that happiness and wellbeing are not possible unless they are collective.

"Babette's Feast": the story of a gift

Babette, a French cook who has fled to a small village in Denmark to escape the city of Paris, decides to spend the 10,000 gold francs she has won in a lottery on a succulent dinner for just 12 guests. It is her way of bringing genuine happiness to people who have never allowed themselves to enjoy life. Lella Costa explains: "Babette is grateful for having been accepted into the community. She doesn't want to teach people how they should live, she just wants to thank them. Or rather, she makes a conscious choice to serve others". In times when food has become an obsession, the precious words of Karen Blixen take us back, through a theatrical setting, to an idea of the ecology of the common good. Through her story she expresses that concepts such as time, daily life and celebrations are things to be protected and that there are joys to rediscover, far from the madding crowd.

Lella Costa: female perspectives are an essential contribution to the World

Lella Costa offers a female take on nutrition, food and our relationship with the Earth. In her work as an actor and a communicator, her grace and humor have increased awareness among both men and women on the female figure in the contemporary world. In her interview with the Expo Milano 2015 Magazine, she said "I believe that the female point of view and female talents have essential contributions to make, not only to Expo Milano 2015, but more generally, to the entire world, which cannot now be ignored".

The show, produced by Mismaonda, will be held on July 1at 21:00 in the Cascina Triulza Auditorium and is open to all Expo Milano 2015 visitors as long as seats are available.
From 19:00 onwards, the admission ticket to Expo Milano 2015 costs just five euros.