Learning at the table and in the gardenthe cultural programme

22 June

Learning at the table and in the garden: the cultural programme of the Slow Food Pavilion from Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th of June

The cultural programme of the Slow Food Pavilion at Expo 2015 continues. Now that school has finally ended, on Thursday 25th at 1.00 pm , Biodiversity Square will present "My ideal canteen", an educational project focusing on the reduction of food waste and the promotion of the right to food, involving 50 Italian and Brazilian primary schools. Organised by ActionAid, Slow Food and Cittadinanzattiva, it is sustained by the "Feeding the Planet" financing initiative by Cariplo Foundation, the District of Milan and the Lombardy Region. The meeting that will take place on Thursday 25th will also be an opportunity to present a series of national projects that redesign the role of school canteens as locations for teaching people about food, sustainability and multiculturalism.

Rare flavours, from the land and the sea

This week's cultural programme of the Slow Food Pavilion offers various many other opportunities for visitors to learn about and enjoy the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. In addition to the Slow Food For Kids children's workshops , the presentations of specialities of the Slow Food network and the relaxing DJ sets to the Sounds of Mother Earth, over the next days the Biodiversity Park will host various meetings dedicated to the sea, a treasure chest full of the flavours and beauties by which Italy is literally surrounded. And for those who prefer the fruits of the earth, tasting sessions will continue to be held, featuring the rarest cheeses proposed by Slow Cheese.

The Slow Food Pavilion

Entirely made of wood and with the famous red snail recognisable from outside, the Slow Food Pavilion welcomes visitors to the Universal Exposition near the East- Roserio entrance, at the other end of the Decumano from the train and subway station of Rho Fair Milan Expo. The area consists of three welcoming canopies, under which there is a theatre for meetings and cultural events, an exhibition area focusing on Biodiversity and an area for tasting, in particular featuring agricultural products and dishes protected by the Slow Food network. In the centre of the Pavilion is the Biodiversity Square, an oasis of peace in which visitors can rest, enjoying the scents of rare fruits and vegetables.