Greece Presents its Organic Saffron: From Cocktails to Ice-Cream

16 September

The scent and taste of saffron take center stage at the Greece Pavilion in the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster. The Krokos Kozanis Saffron Feast continues on Wednesday September 16 from 19:00 when ice-cream maker Fabio Benevelli and bar chef Carmela Giglio will use Krokos Kozanis saffron in a series of tasty dishes, the stars of a free tasting session designed to introduce visitors of Expo Milano 2015 to the excellent products Greece has to offer the world.

The evening menu 

The menu includes the innovative Krokus Cocktail made with organic saffron, canape's with quail eggs and white botargo, Greek yoghurt from Mount Olympus with pistachio, saffron and organic raisins from Nemea, savory saffron crepes with pistachio mousse and sweet crepes with pistachios, raisins and saffron ice-cream.

An opportunity for Greece

"Both Krokos Kozanis organic saffron and Greek pistachios represent Greek excellence", stresses Giorgio Bacagias, promoter of the Hellenic Excellences project. "They are unique ingredients full of flavor and healthy properties and we want to show that they can be used in high quality dishes. Expo Milano 2015 is a great opportunity for Greece to present itself differently to the world and victoriously leave the crisis behind".