Friday, July 3 Uganda celebrates its National Day: discover the country

3 July

Friday, July 3, Expo Milano 2015 will host the National Day of Uganda. The program includes many moments to explore the opportunities offered by the Pearl of Africa, as Winston Churchill referred to the country.


The program of events

The National Day of Uganda will start at 14:00, with the arrival of the official delegation. Participants will be welcomed at the Expo Conference Center, and at about 14:30, the Ugandan folk group, Ndere Troupe, who have risen to international acclaim, will perform.

At 14:45, the official opening will be made by the Ambassador of Uganda to Italy, followed by a speech by the Commissioner General of Uganda. Next, at 15:00, meetings and discussions on business opportunities offered by Uganda, both in terms of exports and for investors will take place including speeches by the executive director of the Uganda Export Promotion Board, and the Executive Director of the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA). At 15:40 the Chief Executive Officer of the Uganda Tourism Board will present the tourism potential of Uganda and investment opportunities in the country. At 16:00, there will be a presentation from the Italian business community working in Uganda. At 16:25 the presentations wrap-up with a conference featuring the Hon Amelia Kyambadde, Ugandan Minister of Commerce, Industry and Cooperation. Afterwards there will be official photos of the various interest groups, and refreshments will be served in the Coffee Cluster. The day will end at about 20:00.


Visit to the Uganda Pavilion

At Expo Milano 2015, Uganda - second largest coffee producer in Africa - takes part in the Coffee Cluster with the theme "Enhancing food security with coffee." In this country, in fact, because of its location on the equator, the country produces two crops a year.  Coffee also provides room for other food crops such as bananas. The two plants are grown at the same time, thus ensuring the economic and environmental sustainability of coffee exports. In fact, the coffee grown in the shade of banana trees has a higher value and is of better quality than coffee plants exposed to direct sunlight.


National Days and other events designed for Expo Milano 2015

The main events designed by Expo Milano 2015 during the six months of the exhibition have been grouped into four areas: "The National Days of Expo 2015", "The International days of Expo 2015 towards the Milan Charter ", "Women for Expo" and "The Celebrations of Expo 2015 ".