Cucinelli wins Randstad Award for most attractive employer

(AGI) Castel Maggiore (Bologna) - Brunello Cucinelli'seponymous fashion company has won the Randstad Award for themost attractive employer in central Italy,  

(AGI) Castel Maggiore (Bologna), June 9 - Brunello Cucinelli'seponymous fashion company has won the Randstad Award for themost attractive employer in central Italy, followed byMaserati. The two companies will receive their trophies onTuesday evening in Castel Maggiore's Villa Zarri. Randstad, theworld's second-largest human resources consulting firm, bestowsthe award based on surveys that measure a brand'sattractiveness among the public, to those seeking work, and toemployees working for different companies. Cucinelli was thepreferred choice for 84.7 percent of those with knowledge ofthe brand, while Maserati was selected by 74.5 percent of theemployees who answered the survey. Cucinelli's philosophy isthat the economic value of labour is nil unless it goes hand inhand with human value. "I've cultivated a dream throughout myentire life: useful work for an important objective," Cucinellicommented. "I felt that the business profits were notsufficient on their own to achieve this dream, and that ahigher goal had to be found," he said. Maserati shares thisethic. "We've been growing since 2013 both in terms of volumeand workforce, and hence the high strategic value of trainingour employees," said Maserati's Human Resources Director,Tiziana Zancan. "We offer training courses on various subjectsthat cover all our resources, up to specific ones for managers.Ultimately, however, the tool that helps us understand ouremployees' needs the most is their voice," she stated. Thesurvey was distributed among 4000 job seekers in central Italyfrom February to March, including students, the employed, andthe unemployed, all aged 18 to 65. The respondents were askedto rate the attractiveness of 100 businesses with 200 to 999employees across 10 sectors. The Randstad Regional Award forCentral Italy, currently in its first edition, thereforemeasures public perception of a brand and not that of itsemployees. The award branched off from Randstad's global surveyof 200,000 people in 23 countries. "Employer branding is anincreasingly vital competitiveness factor for businesses thatattract and retain talent," said Marco Ceresa, ManagingDirector at Randstad Italy. "A powerful and competitive imageattracts good candidates and builds employee loyalty," headded. The Randstad Globes were also announced for the brandsrated as most attractive in each of the survey's ten keyfactors. In terms of selecting an employer, the most attractivesectors in central Italy were the automotive sector, nominatedby 70 percent of the respondents, followed by the clothing andaccessories at 65 percent, and the industrial sector at 62percent. "Salary and benefits" was selected as the mostimportant factor by 55 percent, just above job security at 54percent according to job seekers. They were followed byworkplace atmosphere at 49 percent, the business's financialstability at 42 percent, and work-life balance at 40 percent.(AGI).