Companies display their art in GNAM museum exhibit

(AGI) Rome - The National Gallery of Modern andContemporary Art (GNAM) in Rome will host the "Corporate Art"exhibit from now till  

(AGI) Rome, June 26 - The National Gallery of Modern andContemporary Art (GNAM) in Rome will host the "Corporate Art"exhibit from now till October 11 in an effort to endorserelations between the business and art worlds. The exhibit,organised in collaboration with the crowdsourcing websitepptArt and the LUISS university Creative Business Center, aimsto restore the traditional cooperation between the two fieldsand demonstrate the recent rediscovery of art's potential inmarketing, corporate social responsibility, and businesscommunication. One of the most popular pieces on the inauguralday was "La grande fiaba" ("The great fable") by Emilio Tadini,born from the collaboration between the Sisal betting andlottery company and its employee, who put his interpretation ofthe company's objectives into a symbolic universe. Tadini, apainter, sculptor, and poet from Milan, produced a series ofpieces featuring flying creatures, suspended objects, immenseskyscrapers in a vibrant and colorfoul atmosphere, representingSisal vast range of activities. An image from his artpiece wastemporarily featured alongside the Sisal's logo on officialdocuments and items such as ashtrays and clay mugs and pots,kept in the Sisal Group's Historic Archive. "It's as though Iwanted to represent the extended meaning of the word 'play' inthis painting," Tadini said. "Doing something in completefreedom, for pure enjoyment, or performing an action alone orwith others, following certain rules, or betting onprobabilities or more simply luck. And I wanted to depict afestive scene. The happiness that comes with the winnings, butalso with playing the game itself, when we deliberately placeourselves in the condition to live in a fairytale, even forjust a moment. A dimension where everything is possible andanything can happen. Even learning to fly, of course." (AGI) .

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