Alce Nero presents "The Rights of Planet Earth" featuring Espinoza Cruz

2 October

Friday October 2, at 12:30 on the stage of the Expo Milano Media Center, an important encounter will take place, titled "The Earth's Rights: Action for Change", focused on Organic Farming as an instrument for the changes which will Feed the Planet. This will feature opening greetings from Giuseppe Sala (Chief Government Commissioner for Expo Milano 2015) and Duccio Campagnoli (President of Bologna Fiere), followed by onstage contributions and discussion with Marisol Espinoza Cruz (Vice-President of the Republic of Peru), Simona Caselli (Emilia Romagna Region Head of Agriculture Department), Vincenzo de Luca (General Director of Country System Internationalization at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Piero Sardo (President of the Slow Food Foundation), Hugo Valdes (Director of the Sin Fronteras Cooperative), Barbara Bartoli (Innovation Director of Amnesty International), Adriano Turrini (President of Coop Adriatica), Rossella Muroni (Director of Legambiente) and Lucio Cavazzoni (President of Alce Nero). The forum will be moderated by journalist Giampaolo Colletti.

The importance of work, commitment and project planning

The speakers will share and discus ideas and proposals which have the potential to become actions for change, to make the world more aware of what has been done and what has still got to be done in order to make food, and especially organically produced food, a surprisingly major and innovative actor in collaborative and startup initiatives. In particular, Marisol Espinoza Cruz will describe various examples of revival and success in South American food production. The event will often focus on the importance of the work, commitment and project planning, especially on the part of women, which is radically changing the social, cultural and economic contexts of many countries, areas and institutions. Ms. Cruz, the first woman to become Vice-President of Peru, was previously a highly active journalist engaged with issues concerning farming in Peru, and has promoted - both in her previous and current roles - numerous important initiatives supporting social and local improvements in this sector.

In conclusion, the showing of a new short film on Organic Farming in Peru

The debate will conclude with the preview showing of a new short documentary, shot last winter in Peru, illustrating very concretely how a sector and the parts of society dependent on it - thanks to the introduction of organic agriculture - are weaning their economies from the illegal cultivation of coca plants for cocaine. The event is being organized by Alce Nero (Black Elk), a brand uniting over one thousand organic farmers and beekeepers in Italy and around the world, committed since the 1970s to cultivation techniques which safeguard the land by respecting all its components and avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals as pesticides or herbicides.