'Novel of the World' Reading Marathon at Expo Milano 2015 

4 July

On Saturday July 4 at 21.00 in the Expo Milano 2015 Expo Center, as part of the Women's Weeks, Simonetta Agnello
Hornby, Lilia Bicec, Anilda Ibrahimi, Dacia Maraini, Anita
Nair, Sonya Orfalian, Ayana Sambuu, Clara Sánchez and Ribka Sibhatu
, co-authors of Novel of the World, will take turns in a reading marathon and each will read the story she wrote for the Novel, in its original language. They will share the
stage with female actors and singers who will lend their
voices to their own favorite story.

Each story speaks of nutrition, whether for the body or for
the mind
. From the Theatre of the Table by Anita Nair to a
harsh childhood memory of Dacia Maraini. From Clára
Sanchez's Friday tortillas to the story by Sonya Orfalian,
child of the Armenian diaspora born in Libya, to that by
Ribka Sibhatu from Eritrea. Each story takes the reader to
another land and language. From Simonetta Agnello Hornby's
Sicily, to Anilda Ibrahimi's Albania, to Ayana Sambuu's
Mongolia and Lilia Bicec's Republic of Moldova. 

This evening event is being organized together with the Circolo dei lettori di Torino and IO donna, and will be  directed by Roberta Lena. The show is open to all visitors to Expo Milano 2015 as long as seats are available. From  19.00 onwards, the entry ticket to Expo Milano 2015 costs 5 euros.

Novel of the World: 104 authors from 100 countries writing
in 28 different languages for WE-Women for Expo, Novel of
the World has been conceived by WE-Women for Expo for Expo
Milano 2015, and published by the Fondazione Arnoldo e
Alberto Mondadori
. 104 writers from 100 different countries
have woven a tale that speaks of food, memories and roots.
The authors' voices have created a choral work written in 28
different languages and translated into English, an atlas of
sounds and characters which, page after page, tell the story
of the lives of women the world over.

Novel of the World can be downloaded for free in digital
format from the we.expo2015.org website.