"China, Land of Hope". Monday 8 June Celebrates its National Day

8 June

On Monday, June 8, the Exhibition Site will hold a celebration for National Day of China, which is participating in the Universal Exposition with an impressive pavilion located on the Decumano. The country's evocative theme: "Land of Hope, Food for Life" is a sign of the gratitude that the Chinese people feel towards the land and the fruits it bears. While the farmer looks after the earth from which he harvests rice and grain, the human being must care for the planet. This metaphor is woven through the visitor's journey to the Pavilion that exhibits the natural wonders of the country with striking images and videos as well as the technological advances that allow the Chinese people to improve crop yield and avoid food waste, one of the problems at the basis of the debate within Expo Milano 2015 which demands a swift global solution.

A boundless country rich in fascinating traditions

There is more to visit than the large metropolises such as the capital city of Beijing, the Terracotta Army of Xi'an or the Silk Road traveled by Marco Polo and recounted by the explorer in "The Travels of Marco Polo". China is rich in breathtaking landscapes, artworks of immeasurable value and an ancient and enviable culinary culture.

Throughout the day on Monday, Expo Milano 2015 has planned celebrations, events and shows that rejoice in China and its beauty.