Design Museum Holon showcases eyeglasses exhibition

Tel Aviv  - Eyeglasses, an extraordinary invention in the history of mankind and a desirable object of design, are being showcased at the Design Museum Holon. The exhibition, hosted at the Design Museum in the city of Holon, offers an overview from the 17th century to our times. It explores different cultures, advanced technologies, old ophthalmic instruments and virtual reality. One of the installations at the museum is devoted to the iridescent "RGB" upholstery, designed by Francesco Rugi & Silvia Quintavilla in their art and design Carnovsky studio in Milan, and implemented with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv. This exhibition is being done in tandem with another set up at the Aharon Feiner Eden Materials Library on innovations in the fields of optics and vision. At the end of the exhibition, which will close on 29 April, the installation will remain as part of the collections at the Museum and the Library. (AGI). .

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