Italy and Libya to cooperate to control migrant flows

(AGI) Rome, Sept 2 - Italy and Libya will be working together to control migrant flows originating from the North African country. "Following the recent increase in migrant flows towards Europe - Italy in particular - and in consideration of the cooperation framework to fight against illegal immigration, Libya's Government of National Accord and the Italian government have agreed on implementing urgent measures to prevent new humanitarian tragedies," the Italian government announced on Friday. "In this regard, several different initiatives were discussed and it was agreed that they will be carried out through the setting up of an Interministerial Commission and a Joint Operations Room, with a view to control and effectively limit the phenomenon," the communique stated. While in Berlin, Italy's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Paolo Gentiloni, had a telephone conversation with Libya's Vice-Chairman of the Presidential Council, Ahmed Maiteeq. They confirmed the commitment of both Governments to deal with migration flows in view of their common efforts to stabilise Libya.The Farnesina today issued a communique stating that Minister Gentiloni expressed the appreciation of the Italian government for the appointment of a new Commander of the Presidential Guard - a step forward towards the establishment of the group - and confirmed Italy stood firm on its humanitarian aid commitments. Italy's top diplomat also updated his Libyan colleague on preparatory works for a meeting Italy and the US are working on together, which will be held in New York during the UN General Assembly.(AGI) . .

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