Prime Minister Renzi on visit to Tehran

(AGI) Tehran, Apr 11 - Matteo Renzi on a visit to Tehran held discussions with Iranian President Hassan Rohani about 'special' relations between the two countries, the variety of potential economic activities, and the fight against Isis. Renzi is the first EU head of government to visit the Islamic Republic following the nuclear agreement. "The end of the sanctions represents a historic passage not only for Iran but for the whole region and for all of Europe. It is an honour for me to be in Tehran. We have pledged the support of the international community to achieve mutual trust and the immediate resumption of economic relations, so as to give a message that something is being done," said Prime Minister Renzi. "Italy has a special place here, as its firms and its industry are appreciated," underlined Rohani during a joint press conference that followed the bilateral talks. "Italy is in the front line among EU countries wishing to establish relations with Iran," added the head of the Islamic republic. As for mutual economic opportunities, Renzi added that "there are many economic aspects we can work on. There is human potential at stake. What matters is to be active, and supportive with credit and financing. Iran and Italy are two cultural powers, and represent two great histories that look forward to a common future," said Renzi. International crises have also been topics of the talks between the two dignitaries. "We have discussed many issues, starting with Libya," underlined the Prime Minister who expanded also on terrorism and violence. "There are many people in Europe and across the world who confound the Islamic faith with terrorism and violence. It is a major error, which requires solution. I hope that at the G7 summit, besides economic cooperation, there will be cultural and religious cooperation. We need to ponder on the religious issue. The great family of the sons of Abraham should be committed in asserting that monotheistic religions yearn for peace and dialogue, and not for violence. Relations between Iran and Italy are important from an economic standpoint but should help in writing a new page regarding dialogue," said Renzi. The Prime Minister announced the opening of a "human rights panel", saying that they will also work together on issues which they do not yet agree on. "We have set up a panel on human rights. As great monotheistic religions, we fight against the idea that religions can lead to intolerance and terrorism. It is a priority of our cultural dialogue," added Renzi. (AGI). .

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