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Pope Benedict XVI presence at Consistory shows continuity

(AGI) Vatican City, Feb 22 - Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was in attendance at St. Peter's Basilica for the induction ceremony of 19 new Cardinals by Pope Francis. Georg Gaenswein, prefect of the Papal Household and former secretary of Joseph Ratzinger, said to reporters: "The presence of Benedict XVI at the first Consistory of Pope Francis is a sign of communion and continuity". . .

BTP/Bund government bond spread stable at 161 points

(AGI) Rome, Apr 17 - The spread between 10-year Italian BTP and their German equivalent Bund was stable at 171 points at closing. It had  [...]

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Milan Exchange closes 0. 37 percent higher

(AGI) Milano, Apr 17 - Piazza Affari closed on a positive note after a session which for the most part showed little movement and increasing  [...]

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Regional business tax could fall to 3. 5 percent in 2015

(AGI) Rome, Apr 17 - The regional business tax (IRAP) could be reduced from 3.9 to 3.5 percent starting in 2015. This provision is included  [...]

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European stocks close higher

(AGI) Rome, April 17 - Europe's main stock exchanges closed higher after several U.S. companies released encouraging financial statements, including Morgan Stanley and General Electric.  [...]

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Euro at USD 1. 3834

(AGI) Rome, April 17 - The euro ended the day at USD 1.3834 and lost ground against the British pound, which was trading at USD  [...]

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Berlusconi assails unelected governments in Italy

(AGI) Rome, April 17 - Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi told a press conference on Thursday there had been four "coups d'etats" in the past  [...]

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Berlusconi delighted with being of service

(AGI) Rome, April 17 - Speaking at a press conference about community service he has been ordered to provide at a centre for the elderly  [...]

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April's U. S. Fed Philadelphia index up more than expected

(AGI) Philadelphia, April 17 - The Philadelphia Federal Reserve Index measuring manufacturing in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, rose to 16.6 points  [...]

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Italian bonds worth 20. 565 billion euros placed

(AGI) Rome, April 17 - A sixth issuance of inflation linked (FOI index, ex-tobacco) Btp Italia, 6-year government bonds, have been auctioned for a total  [...]

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Lebanese presidential candidates line up for election

(AGI) Cairo, April 17 - The leader of the Falangist Kataeb Party, Amin Gemayel, could announce his candidature for the presidency within the next few  [...]

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