Italy proposes task force to protect cultural heritage

01/08/2015 16:40
(AGI) Rho (Milan), Aug. 1 - Italian Culture Minister DarioFranceschini declared his intention to set up an internationaltask force to protect the world's cultural heritage in case ofnatural disasters or terrorist attacks. He launched theproposal at the end of the International Conference of theMinisters of Culture which was held on Friday and Saturday atthe Milan Expo. The Conference was attended by 83 ministerialdelegations from all over the world and was closed with thesigning of the "Milan Declaration". It reads: "The Ministersexpress their utmost codemnation of the use of violence againstthe world's cultural heritage and invoke mutual respect andtolerance as the appropriate instrument for dialogue amongpeoples. They express their solidarity to the nations struck bynatural disasters. This is the reason why they call upon theinternational community to make every effort possible toprotect and recover cultural heritage assets." Mr Franceschiniadded: "We must never underestimate our role, our capacity fordialogue, in a world that can be characterised by tension.Culture may be an istrument to overcome controversies." Theminister then pointed out that the Coference highlighted "thewill to build a common itinerary to be followed in this time ofglobalisation. There will be three initiatives: we havescheduled here, in Milan, the International Council of Museumsin July 2016. But we should plan periodic meetings of thistype." Mr Franceschini said: "it is the first time in historythat so many culture ministers meet and we, in Italy, should beproud to have had such a large attendance." The MilanDeclaration closed with an appeal to the United Nations andUnesco to keep the principle of dialogue between cultures andthe strengthening of tolerance and respect between differentpeoples and cultures at the centre of the actions undertaken bythe international community. . .